Web updates, c.cc hardware, and the Cardboarduino!

First, we’re slowly working towards making the site easier to navigate. Our main page now prominently features “Downloads” and “Community,” which should improve things.

Second, we’re still working on completing builds for all platforms – several of us are college faculty, and we’re pretty slammed this time of year. We’ll get there, though, since we want everything nice and pretty for OSCON in July.

Third, we have some nice progress on the hardware front, but I can’t speak at length about it. I will say that I need to get an order for bits and bobs on the way so that I can build some of our test boards, and once that is done we can start considering some large orders. Mostly, I want to survive the semester…

On the hardware front, though, I can safely say that the Cardboarduino was a complete success. Student after student have been finishing their board, plugging in their Atmega328p, and things Just Work. The students working with them had little to know prior experience with electronics, and we have seen success after success roll in. From the professor’s point of view, that’s wonderful.

I’ll post pictures once I have them… and, in case you were wondering: yes, the Cardboarduino is programmed using the Plumbing libraries.