Rewrite Completed (Sort of)

We have finished our rewrite of the old python control to our ruby class model. Everything seems to work, but there is something wrong with our Pitch controller. We can’t seem to figure it out. Our plane flies and doesn’t crash, but it doesn’t change altitude as we desire. The plane cannot descend, it simply falls when we try to do this, but when it needs to go back up, it works as desired. We have a bug in our algorithm, and we need to fix it.


Although it might not seem like much, this was a pretty large step forward for us, and we are proud of our progress so far. We wish we could’ve gotten more done at this point, but we are moving at a good pace, and hopefully we can start to get our GPS working before Thanksgiving break.

Did You Know?

That the pitch levels are reverse of what you would think? A positive pitch means the plane is going down, and a negative pitch means the plane will ascend.