The concurrency.cc board

Developed by Omer Kilic (www, twitter), a PhD student in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent, the concurrency.cc board gives us a surface-mount Freeduino variant with a step-up voltage converter.

What does this mean in plain English? We have an Arduino-compatible board that can be cheaply ordered in bulk for use with student and project groups. Most importantly, the concurrency.cc board runs on a single AA battery.

Once we have our first batch of boards built and tested, we’ll provide all of the designs here under an open license. Watch this space!

Second Revision

The second rev board made some small fixes, and is our first board that we would consider producing in quantity. A few more changes based on some student feedback are going in before we place any large orders, however.

We’re running a small batch of these for build-and-test at Kent, and we have six boards at Allegheny that need to be built and tested as well. The black-and-gold boards are really pretty.

First Revision

Omer’s first board had some small problems with via alignment.

We were very excited—the new hardware is an important part of our ongoing work with the Arduino platform.

First Revision, Debugged

With a bit of tweaking, the first revision runs like a charm; revised boards arrive soon. Here’s a video of the board running our parallel blinkenlights code.

concurrency.cc board prototype from Omer Kilic on Vimeo.

And, here’s the same code running on an Arduino:

Parallel Blinkenlights! from Omer Kilic on Vimeo.