Website Refresh, Plumb

First, the website picked up a big refresh today. That’s a win. It will take time to make sure everything is ticking over nicely, but I’m looking forward to the process; we were still learning Jekyll with the last rev, and it’s a bit more straight-forward now.

More importantly, we have some new tools, and those, too, will be easier to improve and manage over the coming weeks and months.


Plumb makes it easy to get occam-pi code running on your Arduino on your Mac or Windows.


You must plug your Arduino in before starting Plumb. Choose the code you want to send to your Arduino, and then hit “Run.”

Main Window

Loading Examples

If you want to see some instructional/educational example code, use the “Examples” menu.

Examples Menu

Edit and Run the Examples

The example code can be edited and run directly from within Plumb. Keep in mind, this is not a programming environment; if you want to save your work, you’ll need to copy-paste and do your programming somewhere else.

Example Window