Mailing list and archives fixed

For a long time, there weren’t many “new” people working with our tools. Therefore, our lists lived behind an https:// address with a self-signed certificate. This caused problems for many people. If nothing else, it threw big scary warnings claiming Bad Things were about to happen.

I’ve moved things around. Our lists are now completely open.

  • Our list for users of process-oriented programming (things like Plumbing, or JCSP, etc.) is users@concurrency.cc.

  • Our list for developers working on these kinds of tools (contributing to Plumbing, etc.) is developers@concurrency.cc.

You can join either list from our mailing lists page. Please join in the fun. I’ll try and get another post up over break about things that are going on with the team. (Also, we’ll know whether we’re a GSoC participant!)