Quickstart with Plumb

Just four easy steps.

Open Plumb

Choose an Example

Go to the Examples menu, under Testing, and select the program that blinks pin 13 on-and-off.

Save The Example

You can’t compile and run a program that isn’t saved. It must end with the extension .occ.

Send it to your Arduino!

Send it to your Arduino!

The first upload will take a while, because we’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes; each time you send your code after that, it will go much faster.

We are just uploading overgrown Arduino sketches; you can go back to using the Arduino development environment at any time.


We do assume you’ve used the Arduino environment before, and that you have all of your drivers set up correctly. So, if things normally work for you with the Arduino environment, but Plumb can’t find the port your Arduino is attached to, let us know.