Workstation, Finally!

So, after a slight delay in our class, we have finally been able to get Dr. Jadud to set up the iMac workstation. We couldn’t be more ecstatic!

In our class tonight, we sat down with Dr. Jadud to go over some basics regarding UDP port setup as well as running python scripts with the simulator. We found this brief session very helpful.

Dr. Jadud demonstrated the auto-pilot script which was written by as previous student of his, and we have found an area where we can start improving it. Currently, the auto-pilot’s flight leveling system behaves in a strange way, where it seems to dolphin tail to maintain a level flight rather then just remain constant. This area is where we plan to make our first improvements on past work, as it will be the gateway, and a necessary fix before we can implement our plans for GPS waypoint navigation.

We went over some information regarding PID controllers, what they were and how they work. There needs to be further research done regarding the controllers so we can have a better understanding on how they work and how to implement them in our future scripts.

After further discussion, we are considering working in either Python or Ruby. It will be decided at a later date.

Did you know?

It takes 341 licks to reach the center of a tootsie pop? AMAZING! I am kidding, that was a little easter egg for our readers.

Setting up a UDP port is similar in almost every language. We saw two examples today and they were almost identical in syntax and complexity. This gives us hope that regardless of what language we decide to use, the complexity will be on par with other languages.