Arduino Uno Support!!!

After having had an [Arduino Uno][uno] sitting on my desk happily accepting programs from my development build of the Transterpreter, I thought it was finally time to get the binaries with Arduino Uno released into the wild.

Knight Rider on the Arduino Uno - concurrency.cc from clj on Vimeo.

Quick demo showing a concurrent program running on the Arduino Uno doin’ Knight Rider like awesomeness…

The reason that getting the binaries out took so long is that various other bits have gotten in the way. Changes were required to be able to build 32 bit versions of the tools on Snow Leopard; the website has moved to a new host; the Sparkle feed infrastructure (for the Mac) has been updated to include a changelog; and building software on Windows is just never fun.

But now the Arduino Uno support is finally here. Mac OS X and Windows versions should update themselves, otherwise you can download the packages from the download page. The Ubuntu packages have not yet been updated, but this should happen at some point in the future (pester Matt about this). Any problems with the packages should be reported on one of the mailing lists.

Arduino Uno support is available starting with these versions of the Transterpreter:

  • Mac OS X 20101103.1423 (dev)
  • Windows 20101104.0001 (dev) [uno]: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardUno