Omer and Adam talk about the ccc board

Omer and Adam spoke at OSHUG, the Open Source Hardware Group, in London this week. Check them out talking with DJ Walker-Morgan about the concurrency.cc board.

Adam Sampson and Omer Kilic talking with Dj Walker-Morgan after #oshug from Matt Lucht on Vimeo.

I’m very jealous. You see, I’m in Meadville, Pennsylvania. This is a very nice town, but it isn’t London. Having lived in Canterbury for five years, I kinda miss my friends overseas, and I do miss a decent pub with good ale. Sigh

Keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter stream (http://twitter.com/concurrencycc); we’re gearing up for OSCON, and have been making some big changes. In terms of platforms, we have support for the Arduino Mega (yay!), the ArduPilot Mega (yay!), and 8MHz variants of the Arduino (untested! yay!). In terms of libraries, we have servo control sketched in, a nascent implementation of TWI (or I2C), and … one or two more goodies may make it in before “release.” I have crude Debian (.deb) and Fedora (.rpm) packages rolling, so if you’re brave, and want to give things a go, send me a note. (It stuffs a few things in /opt, so it doesn’t really require that much bravery.) We don’t have our Windows installer done yet, but that’s still on target for late July. (A lot of this is motivated right now by a student-run UAV project, hence the ArduPilot Mega.)

Awesome-awesome. I love the smell of software projects coming together…