Mailing lists and updates

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I have no idea if this blog is read by anyone, but hopefully you put our RSS feed in your reader if you were interested in news and updates.


We created a dedicated Twitter feed for the site. You can follow concurrencycc for updates. For example, when the book updates, or the blog, we’ll write a short note. All signal, no noise. I hope. I’m not a Twitter expert.

Mailing Lists

We have two new mailing lists: * users@concurrency.cc * developers@concurrency.cc

You can join either or both of these lists using the details on our mailing lists page. (Or, if you want, drop matt at concurrency dot cc an email.)

These are not strictly limited to people exploring occam on the Arduino. Our long-term goal is that people exploring process-oriented programming find a home for their projects under this domain. If you start exploring Plumbing and have questions, that is a great place to ask. Everyone involved in the creation of Plumbing (and, for that matter, everyone working on occam-π) can be found there.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Plumbing libraries (or, the virtual machine underneath it), or you want to help bring occam to another hardware platform, join developers@concurrency.cc. That is the space where we discuss the tools that make things like Plumbing possible. Again, we’re all there.

Book Updated

Two (three?) new chapters appeared last weekend. Also, Zoro (who seems to do some very cool art) dropped an important note to bookbugs.

Every program you write for the Arduino that uses Plumbing needs to start with this line:

#INCLUDE "plumbing.module"	

This line of code brings in all of the support you need to program the Arduino in occam. Our intention is that the tools you use for programming the Arduino will ultimately insert that line automatically. (Or, perhaps we’ll change our minds about that.) Either way, I’ve updated the first chapter so that it is included there. I am not going to update all of the code examples in the book at this time, simply because that will 1. take longer and 2. upset my pagination. Also, the group needs to discuss (on developers) whether we’re going to make that line go away or not.


We have a new Twitter feed, new mailing lists, and updates to the book (now on revision 2010-02-12). Enjoy!